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Self Ionizing Product


  • 850E for Elasticated anti-static Cord.  
  • Versatile in use with rapid installation. In most applications it can simply be draped over the material.
  • For many applications 850 Cord is a more durable alternative to traditional Anti-Static Tinsel. See Datasheet for 801 Anti-Static Tinsel.
  • Reduces high static charges by up to 90%.
  • Especially suited for use with winders and unwinders.
  • Used extensively in the paper handling, plastics, packaging, textile and related industries.
  • 100% conductive microfibre filament cord

  • 801 Anti-Static Tinsel

  • 801 Anti-Static Tinsel offers an effective solution to many static problems where electrical static eliminators cannot be justified.
  • Anti-Static Tinsel is a passive static eliminator which operates by concentrating the electric field to ionise the air.
  • 801 Tinsel reduces high charges to a low level and can cope with fast speeds. A 90% reduction in charge is typical in many applications. It is particularly suited to web applications like film winders and unwinders where the web path changes.
  • 801 Anti-Static Tinsel is available in boxes of 22m and 110m.
  • 801 Anti-Static Tinsel is 99% pure copper.
  • Dimensions: 32mm Diameter, with multiple copper wire core to ensure positive grounding and strength. The breaking strain is about 10kg.
  • Models 101 and 201, giving a choice of body, fibre and fibre length, as us for more details.
  • Used on machines processing sheets and web
  • The Model 101 is available in lengths up to 4m.
  • Model 201 is available in lengths up to 3m.
  • For ATEX / Hazardous area applications, see EX-HPSD Static Dischargers.
  • The stainless steel filament does not scratch it has the softness of sewing cotton. The filaments have an EVA size giving them flexibility, resilience and a long life.
  • The 660 is available in 1m lengths, which are easy to cut to size by customer. For larger quantities they can be custom-made with fixing holes etc. as required.
  • These brushes have a large number of highly conductive, soft stainless steel filaments with a diameter of 12μ.
  • The fine tips of these fibres concentrate the electric field of the static charge and ionise the surrounding air.
  • This ionised air produces ions of the opposite polarity to neutralise the static charge.
  • The Tape Brushes have a conductive adhesive on the tape body. This is used to stick the Tape Brush to a conductive and grounded part of the machine. No other fixing is required.
  • The versatility of Fraser Tape Brushes allows them to be formed into non-linear shapes, as required.