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Process Instrument

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We are committed to service our clients with the best solution, finest mixed of products, and equally important, we provide competitiveness in overall price.

Our process instrument products covers Signal Conditioners, EX-Barriers, Temperature Sensors, Pressure & level transmitter, Pressure & Temperature gauge, Monitoring Systems etc...

Huntsmen (S) Pte Ltd is also pleased to be the authorized agents and distributor for the following major manufacturers : 

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  • PR Elecrtonics
Marine Approved Programmable Intrinsically Safe Barriers, Universal Transmitter, Indicators, Alarm units.
  • BD Sensors
Cost effective General Industries Pressure Transmitters

  • Klay Instruments
Lloyd’s approved Standard and intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter, Submersible Level Transmitter

  • Siemens
S7200, S7300 Series Programmable Logic Controllers, Siemens Logo

  • M-System
Paperless Recorder, Power Measurement, Remote I/Os, Data Logging,  Lighting Surge Protection 

  • BrainChild
Industrial PID Controllers, SMS Paging System

  • Nivelco
Level and Temperature Transmitter, Liquid and solid Level Transmitter

  • Stiko
Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge

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