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Huntsmen (S) Pte Ltd


ESD PVC Film (Clear)

Made of Homogeneous antistatic PVC

Long lasting ESD Property

ESD PVC Film (Grid)

Conductive carbon printed on normal clear PVC film in grid.

ESD Acrylic

Made of plastic sheet coated on both sides providing semi-permanently ESD property although normal plastics are insulative by nature.

J.T.Baker 2-Propanol Finyte (Iso-Propyl Alcohol)

Product Number : 5873

Packing : 4 L / Bottle

Floor Cleaning Chemical

(Kurin Safe)

Packing : 5L / Pail

ESD Mat and Workstation Cleaner

(Kurin Safe)

Packing : 650ml / bottle

High Quality Hand Soap

(Kurin Safe)

Packing : 500ml / bottle