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  • Stay-sharp etched emitters for better long term performance. Life 5 years +. Non-infectious.
  • Emitters at 15mm pitch provide more ionisation and so better neutralisation.
  • Robust construction, but compact and easy to install.
  • Operating distance up to 150mm. Best distance for high speeds and high charges 25mm -150mm.
  • Washable and suitable for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.
  • All electronic components are fully encapsulated for maximum reliability.
  • Certified for Zones 1, 2 and 22. Gas group IIB (ethylene).
  • High Performance without compromise.
  • Particularly effective on high speeds and high charges.
  • Non-contact application. The fibres do not need to touch the material they should be at a distance of about 2.5mm.
  • Solvent resistant construction allowing them to resist aggressive chemicals and even to be washed in the solvent, to remove ink, coating and other contaminants.
  • Used by coaters, gravure printers and laminators worldwide.
  • The EX715 is certified for use in hazardous area Zones 1 and 2.See datasheet for details of ATEX and IECEx certification.
  • The EX715 measures static electricity on the surface of a material, at a distance of 100mm.
  • The EX715 monitors the effectiveness of the action taken to solve the problem. If the solution involves static control equipment, the EX715 shows its most effective position.
  • Hold facility to freeze the reading on the LCD.