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Dust Remover & Cleaning

  • The 4125 is suitable for the most demanding cleaning and static neutralising work.
  • The open construction of the ionisation head and the airflow amplifier nozzle give the 4125 operational efficiency, producing maximum ionisation with maximum airflow.
  • The hand trigger, in addition to being very robust and ergonomic, gives the operator excellent control of the airflow.
  • The air consumption is minimised by the air nozzle which amplifies the compressed air by 20:1.
  • Ergonomic full-hand trigger is suitable for all day use, unlike designs using one or two fingers.
  • The robust and modular design is designed for easy repair and maintenance designs using one or two fingers.
  • The system consists of one or more ionised airknives connected to an external blower.
  • Static neutralisation power up to 50% better than competitive systems to break the electrostatic bond between the dust and surface and to prevent re-attraction of dust.
  • Air cleaning speed of 110m/sec at the slot of the airknife for thorough and powerful cleaning.
  • Longer range cleaning power than compressed air systems.
  • More performance per kilowatt of power. For example, competitors offer 7.5kW motors to match the performance of our 5.5kW motors saving the customer money every minute of operation.
  • Eliminate static charge build-up in hoppers and collection system preventing blockages and handling problems.
  • Static neutralisation is supplied by Ionising Bars mounted in enclosures around the circumference of the Iontube. The number of Bars is determined by the diameter and length of the Iontube.
  • The Bars are individually connected to a connector box mounted on the Iontube. So if one bar is damaged, only that bar needs to be replaced.
  • Standard 6000 Iontubes use 1m long Jacob stainless steel tubes. These are available in a wide range of standard sizes with coupling devices for easy incorporation into existing pipe work, see www.jacob-tubing.com.
  • We can make Iontubes in other materials and sizes please contact the factory with your requirements.